50 comments on “Alvano Scalar Energy Water System

  1. Scalar water is different from other purifier
    That i was bought previous ,maganda sabi
    Ng husband ko worth it tlaga xa and i prove
    It kasi i was using it for several months.

  2. how sure its alkaline? my mom buy ur products, nd wen i go to water lab to test if it is alkaline the PH is 5,1, is that alkaline?

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  4. I have scalar water purifier of alvano i used already a year! Nakakatipid talaga ako sa pag bili ng mineral water. I dont care if ilang percent ang alkaline. The important is naka save ako. Matibay ang purifier nyo. Tq

  5. I recommend this product to my cousin coz she like also but she want discount hope u can have. I have ur unit almost 3 mos. already.👍

  6. hi here to testify here im also a user of this water purifier.,alam nyo ba na hindi lang pala ito purifier its a system unit kaya pala 75,000 ang worth but its ok kasi super ganda ng product.i almost used it for 7 mos..before marami na akong na try na diff. unit ng mga purifier kaya lang hindi tlaga nagtatagal nka 3 times akong bili ng purifier na worth 28,000 after 1-2 years sira na di ko na mgamit and besides nakakaramdam ako ng kakaibang strong body nung nag start kong gamitin yung scalar water..thats why its energise water..akala ko binobola nanaman ako ng mga sales person ng kabzeel company para makabili ng product ng alvano eh.anyway im a satisfied buyer of you kaya next time na i purchase something ulit can i ask a discount plssss..tQ

  7. I need a replacement for the cylinder since the cover got a crack. Where can I get one? Pls. send me your contact number.

    • Mam Lilia where did you buy the product po? We need to know po if what name po ng aming consignee and we will inform them that they have to place an order for the parts po and also I can give you the contact person. Pakitingnan na lang po ang mga proof of purchase nyo for the info. thanks po. and what model po?

  8. Meron po akong alvano products sa bahay, saan po ba pwedeng bumili ng water filter sa water purifier.salamat po.

    • Sir Romulo you may contact po this number (02)921-9612 for the order of your filter, isa po sila sa aming consignee. salamat po.

  9. Matagal na naming nabili itong unit namin SCALAR ENERGY WATER. More than 1 year na naka stock lang at di namin nagamit mula pagkabili. Ngayon ininstall ko at napansin namin na yung blue light (scalar energy) is blinking as well as the side lights. Is it normal?

    • Good Day Sir Reymund, yes po normal po na mag blink, indicator po kasi siya if how long you have been using the unit. You have options naman po na gamitin ang indicator or you just manually make a record kung kailan nyo siya ginamit meaning po na it’s either you plug the adaptor or not, wala po siyang connection sa pag purify or pag filter ng water.

  10. i have a problem.. The User Manual says that if you turn it on, side lights will always be on. And when it’s off, the blue light is always on. So, my problem is, why isn’t it lighting whenever I plug it? Is it working even if it’s not plugged?? How sure can I be? I really want to know. Your sales person went here already, changed the product then it turned on but when they left, it doesn’t turn on again. What, is that normal? Or something is wrong?

      • how do you turn it on? just press it? I did. and it’s stuck. still no luck with the lights. I don’t if it’s really working or what. Maybe I wasted money for it? I also have questions about the G-MICS Oven. Where can I ask? And why does it take you 2 months to reply? Thanks.

      • Good Day Mam Vanessa, if you are facing to the TV it is in the bottom right, there is a side switch, try to switch it on after plugging it, the RED Light will be on, if the light won’t turn on try to flick it on other side, when the RED light is on you can now press POWER to switch on the TV. It is a standby switch Mam as an option of not unplugging it if the wall plug is hard to reach. you may leave it ON as your option Mam. Sorry Mam for late reply due to password recovery of our admin section of the blog. If you can tell me Mam where you bought it, maaari ko po i-direct report sa consignee namin para mai-pacheck ang unit if ever po na ito ay may problema. Regarding po sa GMICS, ano po ang inyong katanungan?salamat po.

      • I am talking about the Water Purifier not the TV.
        About the GMICS I want to now if it’s normal that the microwave keeps on beeping while reheating stuff?

      • Ohh I see sorry Mam, if your concern in the led light of Scalar actually its only a display monitor where it indicates how long you have been using the unit. You have an option to use it or not since you already know when you start using it. The LED light indicates when you will replace the filters. You can still use the unit by not plugging it because it only involves water pressure to filtrate and purify the water.
        Regarding GMICS Mam, still it can reheat?, how long does beeping sound occur?

      • Starts beeping at I think 10secs when it’s timed at 30. Then it won’t stop unless the heating stops too. Yes, it reheats but the beeping worries me. And also it makes sizzling sounds too when reheating. Is that normal too? I use microwavable plastic container when reheating. If you could send me an email about how to really use it which isn’t indicated in the manual, it will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

      • Goodmorning Mam Vanessa, for beeping concern in your unit, may I have your contact number so that I will direct your concern to In-House Technical Personnel to cater your needed service. They will be the one to contact you after I forward your concern because it might be a technical stuff.

  11. good afternoon, tanong ko lang magkano ang isang set ng filters sa scaler?? and where can I buy it? thank you

  12. Hi! i purchased the scalar just this evening..just want to know if the unit can purifiy water if its not plugged?

    • Good Day Mam Ritchel, regarding your concern, yes Mam still the unit can purify, the adaptor which you need to plug in is only for monitoring or display purpose that indicate when you need to replace the filter. You have an option Mam not to or use it.

    • Good Day Mam Ritchel, regarding your concern, the adaptor is for display purpose or indicator how long you are using the unit. You have the option if you want to use it or not po.

    • Good Day Mam Magy, the display indicates 8448 means all filter must be replaced, but for not using the display, filter 1 is good for 24 months and can last up to 36 months depends on the quality of your water if there are too many sediments or almost nothing, that is the efficient period of the filter.

      • Why is your answer completely the reverse information of what is written in the manual?… the manual says that “you need to change the filters inside (not filter 1) if the indicator is blinking”.

        Is the manual wrong? if the manual is erroneous but the unit has passed the company quality testing, can it be possible that there is something with product as well? How do we know that the water coming out is safe? do you have a valid philippine certification that the water coming has passed quality testing?.

        Since the price is too much, we have to be ensured that water coming out is safe. we can be assured if you have documentation to prove such. is the company registered with DTI?

      • Mam Magy, I refer to filter 1 as Step 1 filter which is a Nano Membrane Ceramic Filter(white color) which is the one that filters out all sediments from sand, rust, and other contaminants. The Manufacturer has all the certifications-its inside the manual.

  13. are you sure that the purifier doesn’t need to be powered on when it was clearly stated in your manual that you need to turn it on so we would know if it’s operating correctly.. and that ‘to stop purified water,press power off..’ why is it so confusing with your statements.. why would the manual say so if it is just as an indication for the filters..

    • Yes Mam Mae, this design was an integrated version of previous one, the primary purpose of indicator is to monitor closely how long you have been using it, the manual states that when you will use the unit you have to power it on so that it can monitor the usage duration of the unit in connection with the filter, somehow it can display the accurate time period rather than by manually recording the day when you use it when replacing those filters from Step 1, 2 , 3 and 4.

  14. Is this the OFFICIAL site for ALVANO products? I bought a SCALAR WATER PURIFIER in GAISANO RIVERSIDE, ORMOC CITY, LEYTE but for less than a year it is not functional anymore. No water comes out if water is run through the filter. I am tempted to think the filter’s holes are all clogged up already but the display lights say it is still okay, VERY CONFUSING! I expected the filter would last for at least TWO (2) years as the sticker on the filter says: “FILTER LIFE SPAN: 24 months”! I am not quite sure it is just the filter that needs to be replaced. Very sad if the whole machine is already FAULTY! The sales people in the mall are already GONE! Called up this number 09175808763 (ALVANO service?) thrice already but did not answer my call! I wonder why the company does not have a LANDLINE number to call from!!! Where is your service office to bring our product to for repair? If I need to replace, how much is this NANO MEMBRANE CERAMIC FILTER? Thank you.

    • Good Day Sir Sam, regarding your concern, the only thing I see that cause the clogging is the CERAMIC FILTER. Yes sir it will last for 24 months but it needs maintenance.Ceramic Filter needs to be clean because the size of the pore is so small that even unseen particles is trapped, it is highly recommended that it needs to be cleaned at least twice a month specially if your water source is deep-well. Some cases that even city district water can clog the pore due to the water pipe condition specially with leaks. Regarding the display, it only monitors how long you are using the filter in terms of months. The full instruction regarding display is at the back of the manual.

      • Thank you very much for the very prompt response. The manual is quite confusing. It says, “When the filter needs to change, the indicated number will be 4 or 8, and each light for filter will be blinked”. However all the numbers displayed are zeros (0000) but all the color lights that represent the four (4) filters keep on blinking. It has been behaving this way since the first day we used it, so I thought it was normal. Now I guess, the display lights and numbers are just for DECORATION rather than for INFORMATION, at least in my case. Moreover, the manual says filter cartridges 1 and 4 have only 24 months usable period and filters 2 and 3 only 12 months. If this is the case then atleast 3 out of 4 cartridges need to be replaced now or very soon. Please give me the price of each filter. I hope the price is not so high, else this state-of-the-art water purifier will be junked. Please help me link to any of your partner service men in my area for inspection and/or repair of the machine. Again, most importantly, PLEASE QUOTE ME THE PRICE OF EACH FILTER CARTRIDGE. Thank you very much and more power to your business.

      • Sir Sam these are the prices of Filters:
        Step 1-Php2,000
        Step 2-Php2,500
        Step 3-Php2,500
        Step 4-Php2,500

        Sir you may contact this number Robinsons Tacloban,Tacloban City Mobile No. 09175808937, one of our consignee store.

  15. Thanks for the very quick reply. If no one shows up to inspect I would try my luck with replacement of filter cartridge 1 (nano membrane ceramic filter) only. I bought it sometimes on August last year and it has been almost three months now that is not used because I could not find the filter here, the sales people are already gone and the contact number they gave is of no use since every time I call I am not answered. I cleaned the filter not quite often as you suggested, maybe once only in 2 months. I bought the machine at GAISANO RIVERSIDE, ORMOC CITY, LEYTE. Okay, I will ORDER the ceramic filter. How soon it is available? Again, THANKS.

    • Actually sir when it comes to availability of the filter I can’t give the exact days due to they are the one who will coordinate to the warehouse but I you can place an order earlier it is much better. Your unit still can last Sir Sam, just a reminder po sir, if your unit were not used for 3 months and you plan to use it again, you need to run the water for at least 10 to 15 minutes again just to pump out those that were left in the cylinder after you stop using it.

      • Thanks for the professional and friendly communication. I already called up Alvano Tacloban as you suggested and they will send somebody to check the unit tomorrow. I also placed an order for a ceramic filter. Thank you very much again. More power to your business.

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